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Photographic studio services.
You dream to promote in modelling or show business? Then the professional portfolio is necessary for you!
In the course of photographing we think over idea and the concept, images and surroundings, and after shooting - we do computer processing of pictures, and also installation for giving of additional appeal to already ready photos. In our photographic studio with you professional photos, stylists and fashion designers work only.
  The portfolio contains photos of two types:
  • Photo without a make-up,
  • Photos in various images.
Depending on wishes of model, specificity and character of a created image, we will organize both studio photographing, and shooting on departure
Portfolio business
You the public person or the director? Your person appears on pages of magazines, corporate advertising of your company, in secular news?
Portfolio business will allow you to save time and have the catalogue of the necessary photos for all cases of the Photo can to be executed as in a photographic studio, and your office.
Fashion shooting
 Fashion shooting - is one of the most interesting and entertainment kinds of advertising photographing since object of shooting is certain style of a fashion, clothes, directions which are shown by means of models, - men or women, or known and public people, the bright and talented persons showing customs and preferences prevailing in certain environment at present of time.
 Our photographic studio constantly participates in photographing of large actions from fashion area, among which - fashionable displays, presentations of fashionable houses, opening of large boutiques.
Similar photographing requires of the photographer of the big professionalism, knowledge not only technical features of shooting, but also understanding of psychology of models, companies, and also all atmosphere of this or that action.
Erotic shooting
Shooting in style of the NU  the most natural, most real and not simple photographing in the genre.
Our photographic studio and working in perfection possess work with the bared figure.
Shooting for any purposes:
  • Erotic photo for itself
  • For sites of acquaintances
  • For professional publications
Erotic shooting can be spent both to studios, and on departure.
You can take advantage of services of the stylist and the makeup artist.
The offer on photographing of pregnant women.
There are in a life such moments when the woman is especially fine.
The future mums will receive unforgettable photos and positive emotions from dialogue with the professional photographer.
Genre shooting
Our creative department, with the assistance of known photographers, stylists and image makers of St.-Petersburg with ease will carry out any subject shooting  for your calendars, posters and other presentations-advertising materials or articles. Your pictures will be really original and exclusive. We with pleasure will pick up any, even the most unexpected platform, whether it be a dam, lake, a car wash, fashionable night club, the yacht or one of the Petersburg roofs. We will agree with owners of a platform and completely we will organize shooting process, giving necessary transport, suits for appropriate amounts which will be in advance created and confirmed by the customer, professional photographers, stylists and, certainly, agency CATS models.
Advertising shooting
    Subject shooting
Together with the professional designer the photographer will develop idea of  advertising photographing  and will display your goods from the best party. You receive photos of production for placing in advertising catalogues, magazines, booklets, on displays and web sites. Production, advertising and modeling photographing is our basic specialization. It is possible as simple shooting, for example, for clothes catalogues, and statement with the intricate plot. In studio, in an interior, in the street – without restrictions.
 Cost of advertising shooting depends, first of all, from technical complexity of performance of the order, scale of the project, desirable terms of its realization, therefore makes a reservation individually with each client.
 Printing preparation: working out design of a breadboard model and granting of polygraphist services.
Reportage of shooting
 The Exit  picture spread  story from celebratory or official action. Shooting of places and events. The services offered by our photographic studio, are not limited to shooting of official actions, holidays and other significant events. We will carry out shooting of any chronicle, actual and important for our customer. It is completely not chaotic set of photos on which casual people, in not always successful foreshortenings are embodied. It is that «the Gold Shot» your presentation, conference, corporate action, anniversary, fashionable display and any other important event. Shooting is made with use of independent light sources and another not the studio equipment.
Wedding shooting
Departure and support of wedding actions.
It is necessary to notice that shooting of weddings  includes two kinds of photos: production and reportage.
In the first case shooting is spent under the scenario and statement of the professional photographer.
Reportage pictures become in the course of carrying out of ceremony and without preparation.
Photographing of weddings is spent frequently and to rainy weather, and the qualitative technics here is irreplaceable. But no technological innovations can replace human qualities. Having entrusted wedding shooting to professionals of the business, you can estimate all delights of this art really.
The quantity of removed photos is not limited.
Our possibilities:  
  • Wedding portraits of the bridegroom and the bride of studio quality.
  • Video shooting
  • «Love story» – creation of a memorable album of history of occurrence of your Love. Production in costume shooting.
Subject shooting
Photographing of separate subjects or the objects united by idea or an art composition.
This type of shooting is used for:
  • advertising catalogues,
  • booklets,
  • restaurant menus,
  • web design
As much as possible objectively reflects a subject. The accent becomes on reproduction of necessary details — to a correct color rendition, the form, the invoice, sharpness, clearness, properties of a subject Subjects look beautifully, effectively, authentically and in as much as possible advantageous foreshortening.
       Printing preparation: working out design of a breadboard model and granting of polygraphist services.
Family shooting
 Family photos - an integral part of a life of each family. In the course of time in albums the whole family archive gathers. It is history, memoirs, high points, significant events, celebrations... Fill up your family amateur album with professional portraits of your child, a family, the relatives, favourite people and pets.
  • Photographing preparation:
  • Professional make-up, hairdress
  • Image workings out, style selection
  • in costume shooting
  • The game form of shooting for children
Shooting to be spent at your choice
  • to studios
  • at you the house
  • on the nature
  • in any interior registration.
The offer on photographing of pregnant women.
There are in a life such moments when the woman is especially fine. The future mums will receive unforgettable photos and positive emotions from dialogue with the professional photographer.
Photographic studio in rent
If you are the professional photographer or wish to test in this business specially for you we render such service, as photographic  studio rent. In your order the professional equipment and a premise will be given. Photographic studio rent also is convenient, if you wish to make intimate photos. Photographic studio rent are new possibilities for creative people. You can rent also services of the visages, the stylist and other assistants for your work.
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